Γίνε μέλος της ομάδας του Papaki

Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer to work on designing and implementing new and exciting projects across all our brands.

Papaki is seeking a full-time Senior Software Engineer who is self-motivated and passionate. If you love to problem solve and want to join a dynamic team within a growing company in-house or remotely, we will be pleased to welcome you to our family!

The Senior Software Engineer will work on designing and implementing new and exciting projects across all our brands. We're looking for someone who has the knowledge and the experience to work on distributed systems, microservices, and be able to design horizontally scalable architectures that are secure and reliable, as well as guide our team of software developers in implementing them successfully.

- Design large software systems with scalability and security in mind
- Organize, inspire, and help the teams evolve
- Manage priorities, projects, and deliverables

- 10 Years of Software Engineering Experience
- Familiar with both Front End and Back End Development Practices
- Experience with microservices and systems design
- Familiar with Go, Python, NodeJS
- Excellent knowledge of Git
- Experience with Linux systems
- Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English
- Experience with Testing (Unit Tests / Integration Tests)

Preferred Qualifications:
- Similar position in previous company
- Willing to relocate in Crete, Greece
- Experience with High Availability and Shared-Nothing Architectures

Support Technician
Support Technician to further strengthen the quality of our support.

Papaki is looking for a dedicated and motivated candidate, who seeks a career in customer service and technical support. This person will join Papaki’s Support Team in-house or remotely, in order to further strengthen the quality of support we offer to our customers.


As a Support Technician your responsibilities will include:
- Providing professional and friendly technical support via phone, chat and email.
- Responding to incoming support requests with accuracy, efficiency and professionalism.
- Addressing and solving a range from basic to complex customer problems.
- Performing tasks related to hosting services.

- Excellent problem solving skills
- Ability to work in a team environment
- Ability to work flexible hours
- Excellent written & verbal communication skills in Greek / English
- General knowledge regarding Domain Names & Hosting
- Experience with: FTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP, Linux, Apache, HTML, PHP, MySQL, DNS (desired), Plesk (desired)

Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager to join our team and lead marketing activities for our products.

Papaki is looking for a passionate Product Marketing Manager. If you are a leader who loves marketing and technology, we will be pleased to welcome you to our family!

The Product Marketing Manager should:
- craft the messaging and positioning for products.
- conceive and develop innovative marketing programs that drive demand.
- have the attention to detail and an eye for quality, along with the ability to grasp and translate technical capabilities into benefits.
- be the expert in buyers, how they buy and their buying criteria and will transfer that knowledge to the sales channel.

Among other things, responsibilities include:
- Implement product positioning and messaging that highlights the differentiation of our products in the market.
- Lead the team to create and update product landing pages that are state of the art and user-friendly.
- Make sure that the users have a great experience and wow first impression using HotJar, Optimizely, A/B testing and other related tools and services.
- Product launch – plan the launch of the new products and releases and manage the cross-departments implementation of the plan.
- Market intelligence – be the expert on our buyers, how they buy and their buying criteria; be the expert on our competition.
- Demand generation – develop the strategy and manage the marketing programs that drive demand for our products, in collaboration with the Product team and Digital Marketing team.

- Proven 2+ years experience as a Product Marketing Manager, Brand Manager or similar role in the web/ technological industry
- BSc/BA in Business, Marketing, Communications or similar field
- Experience in market analysis
- Working knowledge of web analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics)
- Familiar with product marketing tactics (e.g. integrated marketing campaigns)
- Excellent communication skills
- Excellent management skills to interact with staff, colleagues and cross-functional teams
- Analytical mind and strong quantitative skills
- Creativity

UI/UX Designer
UX/UI designer to help us design the best possible experience for our users.

Papaki is looking for a dedicated and motivated UX/UI designer. If you are passionate about designing the best experience for the user, we will be pleased to welcome you to our family!

The UI/UX Designer should:
- turn our software into easy-to-use products for our clients.
- be gathering user requirements.
- be designing graphic elements and building navigation components.
- have experience with design software and wireframe tools.
- be creating both functional and appealing features that address our clients’ needs and help the company grow its customer base.

Among other things, responsibilities include:
- Gather and evaluate user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers.
- Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps.
- Design graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs and widgets.
- Build page navigation buttons and search fields.
- Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like.
- Create original graphic designs (e.g. images, sketches and tables).
- Prepare and present rough drafts to internal teams and key stakeholders.
- Identify and troubleshoot UX problems (e.g. responsiveness).
- Conduct layout adjustments based on user feedback.
- Adhere to style standards on fonts, colors and images.

- Proven 2+ years work experience as a UI/UX Designer
- BSc in Design, Computer Science or relevant field
- Portfolio of design projects
- Knowledge of wireframe tools
- Up-to-date knowledge of design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
- Team spirit; strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders
- Ability to discuss and explain design options
- Detail oriented and customer-centered
- Good time-management skills

HR Recruiter
HR Recruiter to help us attract, hire and retain the most qualified employees.

Papaki is looking for a passionate, experienced and self-driven HR Recruiter. Does this sound like you? We will be happy to welcome you to our family!

As our HR Recruiter you will work in-house or remotely, with the responsibility to manage our full cycle recruitment, from identifying potential hires to interviewing, evaluating and onboarding candidates. You will play an important part in building a strong employer brand for our company, to ensure we attract, hire and retain the most qualified employees.

- Collaborating with managers to identify future hiring needs.
- Designing and updating job descriptions & ads.
- Advertising job openings on company’s careers page, social media, job boards and internally.
- Crafting recruiting emails to attract passive candidates (headhunting).
- Screening incoming resumes and application forms.
- Interviewing candidates (via phone, video, and in-person).
- Preparing and distributing assignments and tests.
- Providing shortlists of qualified candidates to the hiring managers.
- Acting as a consultant to new hires and help them onboard.
- Participating in job fairs and host in-house recruitment events.
- Monitoring key HR metrics (e.g. time-to-hire).

- BSc in Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology or relevant field.
- Work experience in recruitment.
- Combination of IT and HR academic background will be considered a strong plus.
- Familiarity with Applicant Tracking Systems and resume databases.
- Experience with sourcing techniques.
- Fluent in English (verbal & written).
- Excellent written & verbal communication skills.
- Exceptional interpersonal skills.
- Ability to be flexible and to work both independently and as a team member.
- Strong organizational, multitasking, and time management skills.
- Ability to perform under pressure and within strict deadlines.
- Must display professionalism and confidence.

  • Οι άνθρωποι

    Πιστεύουμε στη μοναδικότητα του καθενός, στα χαρακτηριστικά εκείνα που τον κάνουν να ξεχωρίζει και παράλληλα τον καθιστούν αναπόσπαστο κομμάτι της ομάδας μας. Εξάλλου, το ομαδικό πνεύμα και η αίσθηση της οικογένειας που έχουμε δημιουργήσει μεταξύ μας είναι δύο από τις κινητήριες δυνάμεις του Papaki.

  • Το όραμα

    Οραματιζόμαστε να δώσουμε στο κοινό τις καλύτερες online λύσεις του κόσμου! Για να το πετύχουμε αυτό, προσπαθούμε να δημιουργούμε καινοτόμες υπηρεσίες, παρέχοντας την καλύτερη εμπειρία χρήσης και εξαιρετικό customer support. Μα πριν απ’ όλα φροντίζουμε να έχουμε ένα υγιές περιβάλλον εργασίας που μας εμπνέει όλους.

  • O χώρος μας

    Άλλοι το αποκαλούμε γραφείο, άλλοι εταιρία. Περιβάλλον εργασίας όμως δεν είναι μόνο το κτήριο! Workplace σημαίνει: ωραίο κτήριο, άνετα γραφεία και καρέκλες, σωστά μηχανήματα, γρήγορo δίκτυο και υπολογιστές, mac books για όσους ταξιδεύουν συχνά, super εξοπλισμένη κουζίνα για να τρώμε όλοι μαζί, ping pong και ελλειπτικό μηχάνημα.

  • H ζωή μας, το γραφείο μας

    “A true balance between work and life comes with knowing that your life activities are integrated, not separated” - M.T.Sunnarborg." Επειδή λοιπόν η δουλειά μας είναι κομμάτι της ζωής μας, στο Papaki φροντίζουμε να απολαμβάνουμε τις μικρές καθημερινές χαρές: 30’ διάλειμμα, φρέσκα φρούτα και άφθονος καφές. Πράγματα που μας κάνουν χαρούμενους, για να επιστρέφουμε στο σπίτι με θετική διάθεση!

  • Δραστηριότητες

    Αγαπάμε τις δραστηριότητες στη φύση και την αδρεναλίνη, γι’ αυτό πηγαίνουμε για πεζοπορία και paintball. Κάθε χρόνο όμως περιμένουμε με ανυπομονησία ένα αγαπημένο και καθιερωμένο event: το καταπληκτικό beach party μας σε μια από τις κοντινές παραλίες!
    Αγαπάμε όμως και την καλοπέραση, όπως το μασάζ και το καλό φαγητό. Όλα αυτά γίνονται ακόμη πιο ευχάριστα, όταν μας τα παρέχει το Papaki κι έτσι έχουμε τη δυνατότητα συμμετέχουμε όλοι μαζί!

  • Great Place to Work

    Λάβαμε μέρος στην έρευνα Best Workplaces 2016 του διεθνή οργανισμού Great Place to Work και διακριθήκαμε ως μια από τις εταιρίες με το καλύτερο εργασιακό περιβάλλον στην Ελλάδα! Πιστεύουμε ότι όταν κάποιος είναι χαρούμενος στη δουλειά του, όχι μόνο αποδίδει καλύτερα αλλά είναι και πιο ευτυχισμένος στη ζωή του.
    Διάβασε όλες τις πληροφορίες για το βραβείο εδώ.

Ζούμε σε ένα πραγματικά μυθικό μέρος!

Σε περίπτωση που δεν το γνωρίζεις, η έδρα μας είναι στο Ηράκλειο Κρήτης: ένα μέρος με μεγάλη ιστορία, ένα μέρος
πραγματικά μυθικό. Βρισκόμαστε στο 5ο μεγαλύτερο νησί της Μεσογείου, με υποτροπικό-μεσογειακό κλίμα και
πάνω από 2800 ώρες ηλιοφάνειας το χρόνο, καθώς και με εξαιρετική παραδοσιακή κουζίνα!
Παράγοντες που βελτιώνουν το βιωτικό μας επίπεδο και μας χαρίζουν ισορροπία.
Δεν είναι, λοιπόν, καθόλου τυχαίο ότι έχουμε πελάτες σε 105 χώρες, αλλά επιλέγουμε να βρισκόμαστε εδώ!

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