What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a powerful combination of shared hosting plans with Cloud servers, which offers the benefits of the Cloud technology for maximum Uptime of your website, at the lowest possible price. With a Cloud Hosting plan, you get to host your websites on advance Cloud infrastructure, ensuring maximum speed, reliability and uptime!

Why choose Cloud Costing?

The way a Cloud server is set increases the reliability of the infrastructure and minimizes the downtime of the websites hosted on it. With a Cloud Hosting plan, you receive top quality Cloud Hosting services in the average price of a shared hosting plan.
Cloud Hosting plans are ideal for online businesses, photo gallery websites, portfolio sites, small to medium e-shops and anyone looking for the reliability and safety of Cloud Hosting. Thus, why not?

Which plan should I choose?

Check each plan’s features and select the one that fullfils your website needs. You can start with a small plan and upgrade at any time.

Is there a difference in managing my hosting?

The management of a cloud hosting plan remains the same, through the Plesk Control Panel, as it is for all the web hosting plans. The difference is located in the infrastructure behind the Cloud Hosting server, and doesn't affect the user.

How do I build my website?

There are many tools you can use to build your website, available through the Control Panel of your hosting. Learn more
If you need something simpler and faster, you can also take a look at Papaki's Website plans.

FREE for ever €5.45 per month €9.45 per month €13.45 per month
1 month FREE 5.95€ 9.95€ 13.95€
6 months FREE 5.95€ 9.95€ 13.95€
1 year FREE 5.45€ + 1month Free 9.45€ + 1month Free 13.45€ + 1month Free
2 years FREE 5.45€ + 2months Free 9.45€ + 3months Free 13.45€ + 3months Free
3 years FREE 5.45€ + 4months Free 9.45€ + 5months Free 13.45€ + 5months Free
4 years FREE 5.45€ + 5months Free 9.45€ + 6months Free 13.45€ + 6months Free
5 years FREE 5.45€ + 6months Free 9.45€ + 7months Free 13.45€ + 7months Free
Web Space - SAN Storage 100MB 2GB 5GB 10GB
Monthly Traffic 1.5GB 100GB 200GB 600GB
Hosted Sites/Domains
with 1 Control Panel
1 5 10 20
Emails 1 100 Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL v. 5.5 - 10 50 100
PHP v. 5.3
1-click Applications -
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Servers and Datacenters


Linux Linux
Web server Apache Apache Apache Apache
File manager
Data center Holland Holland Holland Holland
FTP accounts 1 100 Unlimited Unlimited
File manager
Mailboxes 1 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Aliases
POP3 emails
Email Forwarding Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mailing List - - 100 Unlimited
Catch-all email - Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases -


100 Unlimited
MSSQL Express 2008 -


5 10
1-click Applications (Sample List)
Wordpress -
b2evolution -
Website Management
Drupal -
Joomla -
PHP-Nuke -
PostNuke -
Business Support
SugarCRM -
Mantis -
phpBB -
Photo Galleries
Coppermine -
Gallery -
Tikiwiki -
MediaWiki -
Productivity Tools
Brim -
eGroupWare -
WebCalendar -
PHProjekt -
phpmyfamily -
Statistic tool -
Google AdWords - 60€ Coupon 75€ Coupon 75€ Coupon
Dedicated SSL -


Supported Supported
Weekly & Daily Backup
- The above prices do not include VAT 24%