Cloud Hosting / FAQs

What is Cloud Hosting and why go for it?

Cloud Hosting is a powerful combination of shared hosting plans with Cloud servers, which offers the benefits of the Cloud technology for maximum Uptime of your website, at the lowest possible price. With a Cloud Hosting plan, you get to host your websites on advance Cloud infrastructure, ensuring maximum reliability and uptime!

The Cloud infrastructure allows the instant increase of resources (scalable infrastructure) whenever required. In this way, the possibility of slowdowns or downtimes due to the most common reason, such as the lack of resources, is minimized for all websites hosted on our Cloud servers.

With a Cloud Hosting plan, you receive top quality Cloud Hosting services, at an average price of a simple, shared hosting plan. Cloud Hosting plans are ideal for online businesses, photo gallery sites, portfolio sites, small-to-medium e-shops and anyone demanding the maximum safety and reliability a Cloud Hosting can offer.

I already have hosting at Papaki. How do I upgrade to a Cloud Hosting plan?

You can upgrade your shared hosting plan to a cCoud Hosting plan, through your Control Panel at Papaki.

Please, bear in mind that you will need to transfer your website's files to the new Cloud Hosting server.

How much does Cloud Hosting cost?

See the cost of each plan at the "Cloud Hosting plans page". Alternatively, through the same page, you can get instant access to Cloud Hosting, by activating the FREE Basic plan for a domain registered with Papaki.

Is there a difference in managing my Cloud Hosting plan?

Managing a Cloud Hosting plan remains the same, through the Plesk Control Panel, as it is for all web hosting plans at Papaki. The difference is located in the infrastructure behind the Cloud Hosting server, and does not affect the user.

In which ways does Cloud Hosting differs from Shared Hosting plans?

Cloud Hosting servers infrastructure is scalable, meaning that our support staff can immediately increase resources such as CPU cores, Storage and Memory, if required, by minimizing most common problems that occur due to lack of resources, such as slowdowns and downtimes. This is available only with Cloud Hosting plans and not with the normal shared hosting plans at Papaki.

Additionally, the Cloud Virtual platform allows the dynamic transfer of instances to other hardware if requested.

Which is the Cloud infrastructure at Papaki?

Virtual Machines on which hosting plans are opened are Citrix XenServers, while servers are SuperMicro.
For Storage, we use Dell EqualLogic SAN Storage. Storage Area Network (SAN) is the ideal and most reliable storage option, necessary for server maximum uptime. Finally, network infrastructure is based entirely on Cisco Hardware, with High Available Firewalls.

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