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When the domain you want is released, we will be ready!

Every day, thousands of important domain names are not renewed and released back to the market.
The Backorder service at Papaki can track the domains you are interested in, and register them for you, the exact moment they are released!
The process is automatic and available for .gr, .eu, .com and .net domains!

Check the domain's release date.

Would you like to know when the domain you are interested in will be released back to the market?
Use Whois search to find useful information about the domain name such us the name of the registrar and the release date. The release date of .EU domain names does not appear in Whois results according to the registry's policies. Go to Papaki's Whois search page, fill in the form and find the information you are looking for.

How much does it cost?

The cost is fixed for every domain and paid when ordering the service.
The total cost is consisted of the "Admin Fee" which is €9,95 (+ VAT) and the "Registration Fee" (for 2 years), which depends on the registration cost of each TLD at Papaki.
In case the domain is not registered, the service will continue to be active. You can deactivate it through your Control Panel and ask for a refund of the Registration Fee, as well as a refund of 50% of the Admin Fee. Backorder cancellations and refunds for .EU domain names are possible seven days after your Backorder is paid.

Why Backorder at Papaki?

Tracking a registered domain is not easy, competion depending on the popularity of the domain can be fierce and also, predicting the exact moment that a domain is released is very difficult.

Backorder at Papaki is transparent and automatic, without any extra fees or auctions. Moreover, unlike other registrars, Backorder at Papaki can be activated by only one customer per domain, thus the chances that you will obtain the domain are higher!

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