One of our simple and easy to use web hosting plans, is the best way to get your site online. You get all the tools necessary to publish your site, run dynamic content and get personal email at your web address.

  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • Install popular apps with one click
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Network Uptime guarantee
  • Friendly Support
  • Google Adwords Offer

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a hosting service that allows a user (individual, company or organization) to publish a website online and make it accesible for everyone.

Why do I need hosting?

If you wish to publish a personal website, blog or even a professional corporate website of your business, you need to "host it" somewhere online.

How do I create a website?

There are many applications for building a website by yourself that you can find in the Papaki Control Panel. More...

Do I need any technical knowledge?

Through the Plesk Control Panel of your Hosting at Papaki, you will be able to find various applications to create your website which you can download for free and build your site without having any technical knowledge or skills.

Hosting upgrades?

You can upgrade from one hosting package to another, at anytime.

What about hosting renewals?

The renewal date of you hosting depends on the plan you have purchased. At Papaki there are 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year and 5-year plans, which means that you can renew whenever you wish, before the expiration date of each plan.


for ever

  1. -
  2. 100 MB
  3. 1.5 GB
  4. 1
  5. 1
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. Facebook integration

  10. -
  11. -
  12. by email


per month

  1. + 1 Free month
  2. 2 GB
  3. 100 GB
  4. 100 in Linux
    or 1 in Windows
  5. 100
  6. -
  7. -
  8. Facebook integration
  9. 100 euro
  10. 10 in Linux or
    2 in Windows
  11. 90 days


per month

  1. + 1 Free month
  2. 5 GB
  3. 200 GB
  4. Unlimited in Linux
    or 3 in Windows
  5. Unlimited in Linux
    or 100 in Windows

  6. (24-month plans
  7. -
  8. Facebook integration
  9. 100 euro
  10. 100 in Linux or
    5 in Windows
  11. 90 days


per month

  1. + 1 Free month
  2. 10 GB
  3. 600 GB
  4. Unlimited in Linux
    or 6 in Windows
  5. Unlimited

  6. (12-month plans)
  7. Facebook integration
  8. 100 euro
  9. Unlimited in Linux
    or 10 in Windows
  10. 90 days
- The above prices do not include VAT 24%.
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You might already be running a website, or maybe you are thinking of starting one now! Either way, Papaki will get your site online quickly and easily - available to everyone.

Our hosting is very versatile

You can do so much cool stuff with our hosting plans:

  • Build a website advertising your business
  • Learn HTML and put together your first site
  • Install a blogging app and start writing to the world

Effective Support

You may contact the Support Department by email (24/7), by submitting a ticket through the Support page, via LiveChat or by calling 801-11-DOMAIN (801-11-366246).

1-click Applications

You are provided with the user-friendly, Plesk 12 Control Panel, in which you can find and download various applications for blogging, Managing Content, Statistics etc.

Unlimited Websites

With Papaki's Advanced and Pro plans, you can host unlimited sites/domain names in every plan.

Large Traffic Limits

The more popular a site is, the more visitors it has and the more Traffic they use. At Papaki, you will find plans with up to 600 GB monthly Traffic, which successfully covers most of the requirements.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe and secure ordering our hosting services with our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, available with every plan at Papaki.

Google Advertising Offer

Every customer is eligible for the 100€ (total value) Google Adwords offer. (Give 25€, get 75€). Learn more about the Google AdWords offer.