Add a calendar widget to your page.
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Setup an account with Widgetbox.

Go to and create a free account. You do not need a paid account for this example. We've used a calendar widget here but the process is the same for other types of widgets like MP3 players or Picture galleries.

Choose a calendar widget

In this example we are using

Set the size of the widget (1) and then click the get widget button (2).


Copy the embed code

Click the copy button (1).


Go to the site editor

Drag an Embed widget onto your page.


Click the edit button

Click the edit button (1) and paste the widget code into the Embed field (2), replacing any existing content


Click the save changes button

Click the save changes button (1)


After a few seconds, the calendar will appear.

Be patient! It can take several seconds for the widget to load.


Go to Preview mode to test the widget.

Click the Preview button to enter Preview mode.

Important: widgets may not work in design mode. You must be in preview mode to test a widget.

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