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Add a Tweet Button
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You can add a tweet button to any page.

You will need a Twitter account.


STEP 1: Create the button.

STEP 1: Create the button

Go to Twitter page
Click Create Tweet Button (1).


STEP 2: Customize the button & get the code.

Choose the button type (1), enter your Twitter Username (2), optionally recommend two other Twitter accounts (3), and copy the code (4).


STEP 3: Login into BaseKit, drag an Embed Widget into your page.


STEP 4: Edit the Embed Widget.

Click the edit icon (1)


STEP 5: Paste the code into the widget.

Paste the code into the Settings Tab of the Embed Widget (1), and click Save Changes (2).


The Twitter Button will appear. If it does not appear, it is probably because you did not click the save changes button in the previous step.


STEP 6: Go to preview mode to try out your button.

Click the preview button (1).

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