Are there blocked and reserved .EU domain names?
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Blocked names

i. Geographical and/or geopolitical concepts

Member States have been allowed to submit a list of broadly recognised names with regard to geographical and/or geopolitical concepts which affect their political or territorial organisation that may either:

not be registered, or


be registered only under a second level domain according to the public policy rules.

The full list has been published by the European Commission here.


ii. Two-letter codes representing countries

Two-letter codes representing countries are blocked and may not be registered as .EU domain names. The list is published here.


Reserved names

i. Names which are reserved for registration only by the government of a Member State

Member States, countries due to join the European Union in the future, and member countries of the European Economic Area (that are not Member States) were allowed to reserve their official name and the name under which they are commonly known in one or more of the official languages of the EU. These names are published here.

ii. Names which are reserved for use by the Community institutions

A list of names published here has been reserved by the European Commission for its own use or for use by the Community institutions and bodies.

iii. Names reserved for the use of the .EU registry

The following names are reserved for the operational functions of the registry:,,,,,,,,,,

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