Background widget
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Drag a background widget onto the page.


Drag a widget onto the background widget.


Click the settings icon to change the settings for the background widget.


Background widget panel.

The Background widget creates boxes which can contain other widgets such as text or images.

Use the Background colour picker (1) to choose a background a colour and the sliders (2) to set corner radius, opacity and padding.

To use an image for a background, drag an image into the image drop box (3).



Using the Background widget with an image.

Flex will attempt to scale the image intelligently so that the upper and lower thirds of the image are left unscaled. This preserves rounded corners or other edge effect as the widget is scaled.

Tile will repeat the image - use the Repeat X and Repeat Y check boxes to control in which direction the tiling takes place.

Stretch will scale the image to fill the box.


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