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Creating Password Protected Pages.
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STEP 1. Create a folder.

Click on the ADD (1) button and then click on CREATE FOLDER (2).

Select a name for your folder (this name won't appear in the navigation menu).
2. Set a password for the pages inside the folder.
3. Make sure the box is ticked.
4. Click on CREATE A FOLDER.


The folder will look like this one on the site navigation panel.


STEP 2. Add a page to your folder.

1. Click on the ADD button.
2. Click on CREATE PAGE.


Set a name for your new page.
2. Select the folder you just created in the drop down menu.
3. Click on CREATE PAGE.


The new page should look like this inside of the folder.


STEP 3. Create a sub-navigation menu.

STEP 3. Create a sub-navigation menu

1. Go to a page outside of your folder.
2. Drag a new Navigation Menu to your page.
3. Click on the settings icon for the Navigation Menu.

In the settings panel, select your folder in the drop down menu.


STEP 4. Test your password protected page.

The sub-navigation menu will show the page inside your folder (1). In order to test this, we will need to PUBLISH (2) the site.


After publishing your site, click on the LOGOUT button.


On your published site, click on the password protected page in your sub-navigation menu.


In order to continue, the page will ask you for your password. Submit your password (1) and click on the LOGIN (2) button.


You should be able to see now the password protected page you just created.

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