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Embed widget - read this first.

Important: Pasting broken code or incorrect code into the embed widget may damage your site. Only use the embed widget with Javascript that has been specifically written for embedding on third-party sites. Usually, such code will begin and end with <script></script> tags.

We do not support the following widget providers:

Longtail video "bits-on-the-run" player
Emailmeform.com form widget

Use of code from these sites will result in your site becoming unavailable to edit.


Drag an Embed widget onto your page

 Paste Embed code into the widget

Paste Embed code into the widget

Click on the settings icon (1), paste the code (2) and click the Save Changes button (3). Some widgets may only be visible after you enter preview mode and perform a browser refresh.

Warning: If you paste broken or incomplete code into the embed widget your site may become damaged.

The Embed widget is suitable only for use with embeddable Javascript, <iframe> or valid HTML. We cannot provide assistance with debugging your code.

Embed widget

The Embed widget allows third party Javascript widgets or <iframe> content to be placed on a page. Sources for widgets include:

Google Gadgetshttp://www.google.com/ig/directory?synd=open&cat=all

Widgetbox http://www.widgetbox.com/


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