How can I change my billing information on the invoice/receipt?
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There 2 cases, explained below:

1. Change billing information after order

You can change your billing information on your invoice/receipt even 5 minutes after you have successfully completed your order. Login to the Control Panel and go to "My Account” > "Orders History”. Select your recent order and click on "Details”. From the drop down menu, you can change the invoicing details and click on "Save”.

After 5 minutes, you no longer have the possibility to make further changes. In any case, your invoice/receipt will be issued immediately and will be emailed to you (.pdf file). Within 24 hours, the invoice/receipt will be displayed in the Control Panel, inside the "Orders History” tab. You can preview the .pdf document, save it to your computer and print it.

2. Change billing information before order

To change your billing information before you make an order, login to your Control Panel, go to "Profile Manager" change or add new information at the "Billing Information" tab. If you are in the middle of an order, you will be able to change or add new billing information at the last step of the procedure, when you select the type of the billing document you need.

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