How do I activate the Business (OV) / Premium (EV) SSL for the website I host to another provider?
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Log into your account at Papaki and choose the SSL you want from the SSL Certificate section to go to the administration panel and follow the steps described below.

1. Click on the text link Click here under SSL Activation.

2. On the pop up choose if the hosting plan of the domain you want to use the SSL for is at Papaki or at another provider.

3. After you choose that your hosting is at another hosting provider, fill in the information required for the CSR as well as the administration and technical contact.

4. Click Activate service.

5. Download and save your SSL’s Private Key to your computer, you are going to need it during the activation process. For security reasons the information is not saved at Papaki database.

5. A few minutes later you will receive an approval email to verify the owner of the domain for your SSL. You will receive this email to the email address you entered in the "Approval Email” field.

6. This email is sent to you directly by the SSL company and includes detailed instructions for the process you must follow to validate your information. The validation is completed a few days later. Afterwards, you will receive an email with your SSL CRT.

7. Go again to "Manage SSL” in your Control Panel.

8. In order to complete the SSL activation, you must insert the CRT, CSR and Private Key in the hosting plan you have to your own hosting provider. If you do not know how to upload those files, forward them to your hosting provider Support Department to do it for you.

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