How do I add Nameservers to my domain?
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If you want to add the Nameservers of your hosting plan to your domain at Papaki, follow these simple steps below:


1) LogIn to your Control Panel and click on the domain you wish.


2) Click on the 1st icon "Nameservers" and insert the Nameservers that you will find in the email with your hosting credentials.



3) In the first field insert the primary Nameserver and in the second field the secondary Nameserver. Then, click on "Continue".


4) Chech again that you have inserted the right nameservers and finally, click on "Update Nameservers". You are all set!

Tip: Always remember that you need to wait for a few hours from the moment you insert the nameservers, in order for your ISP to update its records. This period depends solely on the provider and not Papaki.

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