How do I create DNS records in order to add a custom domain to my Website Builder site?
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To complete the connection of a domain with your Website Builder site you need to create a CNAME and an A Record for your domain, through a DNS hosting service, provided that the domain has been added to the website builder plan.

You can either use the DNS hosting service offered by Papaki, for free to everyone, regardless domain registrar, or any other DNS hosting service you might prefer.

Create DNS records with Papaki's free DNS Hosting.

Step 1. Activate DNS Hosting.
If your domain is registered with Papaki, go to its management page inside the Control Panel and click "enable" to activate the DNS Hosting service.

Step 2. Create CNAME Record
Update the Nameservers suggested and folllow the process until you see what shows in the picture below. Click on the "Add New CNAME record to create it.

As you can see below, in the first field (Host Name/Alias) insert "www"and in the field canonical name insert the domain you want to connect (This is the same info you will need to create the record with a different DNS Hosting service)

Then, click "Save New CNAME Record".

add CNAME record

The record will appear.

CNAME record created

Step 3. Create A Record
Click on the button "Add New A record" to create it.

Create A record

Leave the first field blank and insert the IP inside the second. In the end, Click "Save New A Record".

A record created

The only thing you need to do now is to wait 4-48 hours for your internet provider to update its nameservers records. Right after you will be able to see your site through your domain.

If your domain is registered with another registrar and you want to use the free DNS hosting service of Papaki, go to  and follow the process. 

If you want to use a different DNS hosting service, simply create the same record, as shown above.

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