New pricing policy for .GR domains
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From July 12, 2021 the new pricing policy for .GR domains in Papaki enters into force. The renewal price of .GR domains is set at €24.60, from €20, for 2 years, for customers with up to 10 domains in their account. The price for 4 years is maintained at €40 (€20/ 2 years), while for longer durations a larger, graduated discount is applied, from which you can benefit.

With this change we strengthen our investments in infrastructure and staff, while we continue to provide you with every domain free web hosting, email, and free DNS hosting to connect pages and services with domains with no extra charge, no matter where they are registered.

Detailed pricing for .GR domains, per total number of domains in your account:

For customers who have active subscriptions

To take advantage of the new discounts, you will need to modify the duration of your subscription by disabling your current subscription and renewing your .GR domain manually for a longer period. This will need to be done once and, from then onwards, your .GR domain will be automatically renewed at the newly selected duration and price. See detailed instructions here.

If you do not wish to change the duration of your subscription, you do not need to take any action. Your subscriptions, after July 12, will continue to be automatically renewed with the new price.

For customers who renew via bank transfer or manually

To take advantage of the new discounts, you will need to renew your .GR domain manually for a longer period. You can either click on 1-click renewal in one of the expiration warning emails you will receive from Papaki before the end of your subscription, or renew it manually through the control panel of Papaki, by selecting a longer duration.

For your most important services, we recommend you use a card to renew them, so that in the future they are automatically renewed, without having to repeat the renewal process each time.


Subscriptions and services that are affected by the price increase will be informed 40 days before the expiration of the domain and with each scheduled renewal or expiration warning communication, before charging with the new pricing policy.