What are shortcodes and why should I love them?
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You can use WooCommerce "shortcodes” in pages or blog posts to automatically show specific content. For example, if you want to create an offer page, you do not need to insert all the offers one by one manually. You just need to create a page from your WordPress admin panel. Then in the content of your page insert the text: [sale_products per_page="12"]. This phrase will dynamically show all the products that you have set as offers in your eShop.

For your convenience, "WooCommerce Shortcodes” are already installed and active in your WooCommerce eShop by Papaki. This plugin has added an option in your text editor in order to easily add shortcodes in your content.

Tip: Use Ctrl/Command + Shift + V to avoid any errors when pasting the shortcodes in your WordPress.

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