What do I do if I deposit a wrong amount of money for my order?
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To complete your order in case you deposited a wrong amount of money, follow the steps below:


1. Purchase the rest of the amount in credits, through yoru control panel
You can buy credits with creditcard, paypal, paysafecard or bank deposit. (In case you select to pay for your credits with bank deposit, you can pay using the E-Payment Code. During your deposit to the bank of your choice use the E-Payment Code and choose "Papaki T.L.D.”or "Papaki”. Find the cooperating banks and payment methods. Then return to the control panel to send the deposit credentials, in order to inform us on your payment. Your credits will appear in your account as soon as our Accounting Department confirms your payment.)


Finish your order, paying with credits

As soon as your new credits are available, go to payment history inside your control panel, change the payment method of your order from "Bank Deposit" to "Credits" and finish your payment.

In case of automatic cancellation

In case you won't complete the procedure above, within 2 working days from the order date, your order will be automatically canceled, and you will have to make a new order of the same services.

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