What happens if I upgrade a Dynamic, Advanced, Pro hosting plan to one of the new plans (Small, Medium, Business, Reseller)?
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By upgrading a paid Dynamic, Advanced or Pro web hosting plan to one of the new plans at Papaki (Small, Medium, Business, Reseller) your current resources automatically increase and get aligned with the resources offered by the new plan you chose. The infrastructure that your site is hosted in will remain the same. We will make sure that your site is always transferred to the most recently upgraded infrastructure in the future, according to the upgrade plan our infrastructure team has scheduled. Thus, we keep our infrastructure upgraded according to the new technology trends and we make sure we ensure the speed, security and credibility of our customers websites.

Can I transfer my website to the new infrastructure?
Yes, you can. You need to order a new plan and transfer your plan manually to it. We recommend to do this, if your current hosting plan is about to expire. Papaki’s support team will send to you detailed instructions on how to transfer the website yourself easily to your new plan.

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