What is DNSSEC and how do I use it?
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DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) adds an extra level of security to your domain names, by attaching digital signatures to your domains DNS (Domain Name System) τους.

In this way, when a user tries to visit a domain with DNSSEC, the user can be sure that the response, meaning the website he reaches, is verified of its authenticity.

To activate the DNSSEC for .GR or .EU domains at Papaki, you need to insert specific DS records (Delegation of Signing), which contain the digital signature information for your domain names's DNS. You can get the DS records information from the company that provides you with DNS, as long as it supports DNSSEC.

As soon as you have the information, log into your Control Panel at Papaki and click on the .GR or .EU domain you want to edit. Then, click to Edit Nameservers and then click on the Manage DNSSEC (DS Records)" as you also see below in the image. In the end click on the "Add" buttons. 


DNSSEC - How it works




DNSSEC - How it works

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