What is Social Login?
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Using the social login you can log in to your Papaki control panel, without the need to remember username or password. You can just use the account you already have at Facebook, Google + or Twitter.

I am already a customer of Papaki, can I use social login?
Yes, if you use the same email account for both your papaki account and the social account you want to log in with (Facebook, Google + ή Twitter). For example, if you use "[email protected]" at Twitter as well as your papaki account, you can connect to your account at Papaki via Twitter.

I am already a customer of Papaki but I do not use the same account at social media as at my papaki account. What should I do to use the social login?
You have two options:
1. You can change the email of your papaki account and use the same email address as in the social account you want to connect with.
2. You can social subscribe to create a new papaki account. You can, then, transfer your services from your current account to your new account.

I am not a customer of Papaki, but I want to use social login. What should I do?
Go to Papaki’s site, click "Signup/Login” and then click "Create a new account” at the pop up that appears. Create your account using the social network you prefer (Facebook, Google +, Twitter).

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