What is the Support PIN and how do I activate it?
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The Support PIN is a code which you can use in order to perform some actions in Papaki, through phone. Your phone orders will be completed from the Customer Support, following your identification as a Papaki user, through the Support PIN.

The Support PIN, after activating the service, is displayed at the bottom of the Papaki Control Panel and, for safety reasons, it changes every half an hour. In addition, the Support PIN may be sent by SMS on the mobile number you have claimed during the activation.

Thus, you may use it in case you wish to perform some actions on your Papaki account and either you don’t have access to your Control Panel while you speak with the Customer Support or you find it hard to complete a certain action.

The actions that the Customer Service can perform on your behalf are:
1. New service order with payment through bank or a saved payment method
2. Renewal service order with payment through bank or a saved payment method
3. Upgrade service order with payment through bank or a saved payment method
4. Change of DNS records in a domain name
5. Change of Name Servers in a domain name
6. GR. domain name withdrawal within 5 days
7. Sending the details of an already placed service order to the admin or owner -for a domain name- in order to be paid off
8. Changing a domain name’s admin through the owner’s phone confirmation -the owner has to have or create on spot a Papaki account and go through the domain name’s owner verification procedure
9. Changing Plesk settings on a Hosting plan, such as DNS settings, changing PHP parameters, etc.
10. Small adjustments on Hosting plans that the Customer Service judges that can be done immediately

Support PIN activation
In order to activate the service, log into your Papaki Control Panel and click on "My account”. Then click on "Profile manager” and on the "EMAIL/SMS notifications” tab.

In "SMS notification settings” you claim your mobile number which is necessary for the service activation. If you already have a mobile number saved, you can proceed to the next step: select "Receive Support PIN” and click on Save.

Immediately, a blue bar will be activated on the control panel where the Support PIN will appear and in case of phone communication with the Customer Support they will be able to send your PIN through SMS on the phone you claimed.

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