Why do .EU and .GR domain names not need ID protection?
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.GR domain names do not need the ID protection service, since all private information is already protected by the Greek government and it's prohibited to show on WHOis search results.

For .EU domain names, private data shows on WHOIS search results only in case you insert information in the field "Organisation" in domain owner's information. Just keep this field empty to have your private information protected. The owner's email address will always appear in the whois search results.

If you complete the field "Organisation" while registering, but do not want to have your private information shown, you can send the Papaki support team an email from the domain owner's email, at [email protected], with the request: "I do not wish to have my personal information shown on domain WHOIS search results, since I am a physical and not a legal person."

Then, our Support Team will proceed with your request.


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