How can I calculate the web space of my site on the server?
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In this article we will find out how to calculate the web space occupied by your site on the server it is hosted, and how to release resources in order to increase the available space.

The disk space is the sum of the folder httpdocs, the Log Files and the mailbox. More specifically:

It is the main hosting folder. All your files and applications (e.g. Wordpress) are hosted under this folder.
Release httpdocs:
Delete the unnecessary files from the httpdocs folder and its subfolders, making use of FTP access datawe have sent to you or through the File Manager in Plesk Panel.

Log files:
Webserver and FTP server log files, which include information about the actions that have taken place in the hosting package.
Release Logs:
You can limit the number and size of Log files that will remain on the server via the Log Rotation service. You will find Log Rotation in the Plesk Panel, after selecting your domain , and under the option called Log Manager or Logs ( the name varies depending on the version on the Plesk). If you do not want to save log files at all, you can switch off the Log Rotation service by selecting "Switch Off".

If you use a webmail service or if you have chosen not to delete the emails from the server,it is possible that your emails occupy plenty of hosting service space.
Release mail:
If you only use the webmail service, it is necessary to delete the emails you no longer need to release space.Otherwise, you can use any e-mail client to download the mails locally on your computer. Such clients are e.g. Outlook or Thunderbird. If you use these services, make sure the option "Leave messages on server" is disabled, so that the emails are automatically deleted from the mail server, once they are downloaded to your computer.

Instructions to disable "Leave messages on server" for Outlook:
Follow this path:Tools → Account Settings → Account Name → Advanced → Leave messages on server → Uncheck.

Instructions to disable "Leave messages on server" for Thunderbird:
Tools → Account Settings → Server Settings → Leave messages on server → Uncheck.

The servers are configured to automatically calculate the space occupied by your site once a day. Therefore, if you delete files, Plesk will not be updated immediately, but at the next resources count.

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