What does it mean when my order is awaiting verification?
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Every order purchased with credit card ar Papaki, goes through an automatic validity check. This check grades the risk a card has to be a fraud, and the order "freezes" until the Support team manually checks its information. The amount is held from the card, confiiming initially that the card can be charged and the order is completed, right after the validation of the card. If this order is made by a new customer and account, then he or her has no access to it until the manual check of the card is completed.

Customers are informed whether their order is under validation, with a note in red bold letters showing on the top of the order confirmation email. They receive this email right after their order at Papaki.

Papaki's support team checks daily and throughout the day, all paused by the auto-check orders. According to the data, either confirms them immediately or sends further instruction via email to the customer, in order to verify the card and the owner.

As soon as the validation is finished, the order is manually accepted and users can log in to their accounts and manage their new services.

The safety of our customers and the internet  is a daily, big challenge for Papaki and the online world. The support department always abides this important security step, in order to avoid frauds, charging of stolen cards, etc. In case you come across any phishing or privacy violation website hosted by Papaki, please do use our report abuse form to let us know.

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