When does a hosting purchase is considered eligible for the affiliate program?
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A sale is considered eligible when the following conditions apply:

  • You have an active affiliate account at Papaki.

  • The end user has made a purchase for a service that participates in the program.

  • Purchases were made through the affiliate tools of the specific affiliate account.

  • The customer who has made the purchase must not have activated a paid or free service at Papaki in the past.

  • The domain name that is used in the web hosting plan, must not have been used in another hosting plan in the past.

  • A period of at least 90 days must have elapsed since the date of the purchase.

  • Valid use of the hosting plan. To verify the valid use of the service, each and every one of the plans will be checked (for example, if there is a domain name linked to the hosting plan, if the website building has started, etc.)

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