Where can I find the E-Payment code?
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For each of your billing contact there is one E-Payment code. Thus, one user may have more than one E-Payment codes.

When you make an order with bank payment, the code that corresponds to your billing information and you must use in order to make your payment can be found:

- After you click "Order”. In the next page you can see the E-payment code as well as the payment deadline. You can also scan the QR code to save this information in you mobile phone.
- In the email you will receive after you place you order.
- In your payment bill that you can download from the email mentioned above or through you payment history in you Control Panel.

If you would like to see all the codes of your contacts, log in your Control Panel, click "My account” and then go to the "Billing Contacts” tab. (since 18/11/2015)

Please make sure that you make your payment using the code that corresponds to the billing information you used during your order.

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