What is a Basic (DV), Business (OV) and Premium (EV) SSL?

Depending on the procedure followed by each issuing authority in order to confirm the identity of the entity requesting the certificate, three types of validation have emerged: Basic (DV), Business (OV) and Premium (EV) Validation.

Basic (DV): This is a basic validation. The organization requesting the certificate must simply confirm the ownership and validity of the domain name.

Business (OV): Higher level validation. The organization or company requesting the certificate should confirm the domain name ownership as well as some company information such as: company name, city, county and country where the company is based.

Premium (EV): This is the highest control process. The process consists of 7 levels οf validation: the exclusive ownership of the domain name, the company address, physical and legal existence, its operation, confirming that the organization itself requested the SSL and the physical and legal existence of the legal representative.

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Posted: Thu, Jun 18, 2015 11:46 AM
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