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New Papaki Logo

23 June 2021, by

Papaki is moving on. This transformation is reflected on Papaki’s products and offered services as well as on its strategic movements and corporate values. Now, the new Papaki has a brand new image too. 

Starting today, Papaki has a new logo and a new look and feel which set the tone: the future is digital. Papaki is by your side so that you can succeed online. You just need to hit three computer keys on your keyboard. 

Is it just a new image? No. It is a deeper transformation reflecting our philosophy. A culture formed within the years which is following us in our future plans. As part of the leading team.blue group, we aim even higher. With Passion and Integrity we strive for Excellence so that we offer Empowerment to simple users, professionals and businesses in their digital transformation.

Thank you for being part of the change. We are welcoming you to the new era. The best is yet to come.

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