Προστασία προσωπικών δεδομένων ενός domain

Activate Security PinDomain Security Pin adds a new level of safety inside your Control Panel at Papaki, for maximum protection of your domain names. After you activate the Security Pin, you need to enter inside the Control Panel a pin sent to your cellphone in order to make changes to Nameservers, Contacts and Authorization Code of a domain.


Security pin

How do I activate the Security Pin?

You can activate the Domain Security Pin separately for each domain you wish to protect, through your Control Panel (follow steps below) or when registering a domain, by adding the service to your cart. You also need to have your mobile saved in your account.



For existing domain names:

Log in to your Control Panel and go to your domain's management page.

2. Click on "Domain Security Pin" at the bottom right of the page, as shown below.

Ενεργοποίηση Security Pin στο Control Panel


3. Select payment method and complete the procedure

(In case you don't have a mobile saved in your account, you will be transferred to "Profile Manager", where you will be able to add you number.)


By activating the Security Pin for a domain, you can be sure that your domain name is protected. Before changing Nameservers, Contact Info or Authorization Code, you need to enter the security pin sent solely to the cellphone number saved in your account.

Each time the user enters the Security Pin inside the Control Panel, he gains access to all protected domain names, until he logs out.


Ενεργοποίηση Security Pin στο control panel



Why do I need Security Pin?

The Security Pin ensures that even if someone accesses your account without your permission, he will not be able to take control of your domain names, and this is for only 0.50€ per month, per domain. Banks also use this important level of protection in online transactions (web banking) Learn more about the Security Pin at our FAQs