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Research and consultation from Papaki

We will check the availability of the requested trademark. We will also explain to you the process in detail, while offering consultation.

Gather the paperwork needed

Papaki will give you a list of specific paperwork needed and will check everything before sending your file.

Submit your application

We submit the registration application.

Papaki sends you the trademark, upon approval

Within approximately 5 months and once the Ministry of Development has approved your trademark, we will get back to you and send you the decision at your email address.

Why should I register a trademark?


You prevent others from using your trademark while protecting your business from competitors and malicious acts.


You can legally use the ™ badge which shows that your brand name is a registered trademark. This is definitely adding up prestige to your business.

Brand awareness

Standing out in the market means that your clients can clearly notice you, without getting confused with other businesses which may use the same or similar brand names.

Why choose Papaki?

You know us

For the last 15 years, small and medium sized enterprises are in the core of our products and services. We help them protect their brand names by offering dozens of domain extensions for registration but also branding tips through our communication channels. We are the No1 domain registrar in Greece and an ICANN licensed one. We grow and evolve in order to be by your side, from A to Z, on your domain registration and business.

We know what we need to know

We know each and every detail needed about trademark registration. Our team, in collaboration with Papaki's specialised lawer, is here to answer any questions and help you make important decisions. The team will also guide you through the whole process and will submit your registration application to the competent authority. They will also monitor its status until it is approved by the Ministry of Development (Trademarks Department) and its final registration.

Simplifying the process

The trademark registration process in Papaki is now a piece of cake! If you decide to go with us, you will do everything from the comfort of your own home while avoiding long waits and bureaucracy. You won’t need neither to employ a lawyer nor to visit any authority offices -we will do it for you, if needed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A trademark is considered to be any sign represented graphically which is able to distinguish a company’s products or services from those of another one. Trademarks can be consisted of words, natural or legal persons’ names, nicknames, images, sketches, letters, numbers and sounds, including musical phrases. It could also be a product’s shape or the form of its packaging.

There are three trademark types: The National one, the European and the International one.

The National trademark is being registered at the Ministry of Development’s Trademark Department and is valid (which means it exists and is protected) only in Greece.

The European trademark (the European Union trademark, former Community trademark) is registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office and is valid in the 28 -up to now- EU countries where it is also protected.

The International trademark requires having registered a greek or an EU trademark before. Following a beneficiary’s application, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) attends to forward the same trademark to as many countries as the applicant wishes to. Thus, the International trademark is not a trademark which is valid all over the world: it is a bundle of National trademarks which are treated as National trademark registrations in the countries chosen by the beneficiary.

Currently, Papaki offers a registration service only for National trademarks.

A trademark registration process does need some time to be completed. Not only for gathering paperwork but also for the check and finalisation by the authorities. Once the application has been submitted, there is an approximate five-month waiting time for it to be processed by the authorities and know whether the trademark has been approved or not.

Once a trademark is registered, it constitutes a product of intellectual property as well as the applicant’s asset for 10 years. Afterwards, if the beneficiary wishes, there can be a trademark renewal.

According to the international classification system of products and services, National, European and International trademarks can be registered for 45 classes of products and services. In order to register a trademark, the applicant has to choose in which class the product or the service offered, falls into.

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