Our Google AdWords Offer

Papaki partners with Google and offers all customers a chance to discover a new way to promote effectively their site, online and increase traffic with Google AdWords. Order your hosting or eshop plan today from Papaki, or register your domains and get the Google AdWords offer!

How to get it

After your purchase, you'll find the offer code inside your control panel. Each Papaki customer is eligible for 1 Google AdWords coupon

1. Log in to your control panel to see the offer you are eligible for.
2. Click "My account", and then "Coupon Offers" from the drop down menu.
3. At the Google AdWords tab, you can find the offer you are eligible for. Click to manually send the code for your offer to your email.

Google AdWords is the most popular and largest online advertising platform in the world, allowing you to advertise your website to millions of users in your country and the world, the moment they look for your services and products. Google AdWords helps you to come across potential customers at the right place and precisely the right time, by placing targeted text ads among Google search results, or if you choose so, on other relevant content websites, partnered with Google.

Why Google AdWords?

Google AdWords offers you:

Full Control - You set how much you want to spend per click, as well as the maximum cost per day!

Reliability - It's easy to get informed on the traffic your site receives, the user's origin, the cost and much more results, through easy to use reports.

Flexibility - You can start, edit and stop an ad whenever you like.

Targeted Campaigns - Google Adwords displays targeted ads on Google search results and sites of the Google's partner network you select. (partner search engines and related content sites).

Measurable Cost - You spend as much as you want and only when a user clicks on your ad and gets transferred to your website.

See the Terms and Conditions that apply on the coupons.

To understand Google AdWords and its potentials, we suggest you to take a look at the Google AdWords webinars and the educational videos on YouTube, on the Google Business Channel.

Moreover, you can search for information in dozens of useful articles on Google AdWords, at AdWords Help page and send your questions at the Google AdWords Help Forum, in English.

For basic AdWords terms, take a look at the official Google AdWords Glossary.

With Google AdWords you can create and place text ads on Google search results and across Google's partner websites:

1. at the exact moment users search for your products or services on Google
2. paying only when someone clicks on them
3. deciding the amount you wish to spend on each click
4. and choosing how much you'd like to spend each day

You can choose for which search terms (keywords) you'd like to have yours ads showing, and also target them to specific geographic areas and different languages.

Additionally, you can easily and quickly make changes on your Google account (changes take affect immediately) and closely monitor your ads and campaign's performance with the user-friendly management tools provided inside Google AdWords.