Pelatologio Papaki

The easiest and most reliable application for business organisation and e-Invoicing. Compatible with my data and online οn all devices, no installation required.



Νo installation required

Everything lives online on the Cloud and is available from any computer or tablet connected to the internet

Free updates

Automated updates on the app’s features

ISO 27001:2013

Oxygen Pelatologio has an ISO certificate in order to manage and exchange your personal data

Automatic backup

We backup automatically so that your data stays safe

100% compatible with myDATA

The app offers full compatibility with AADE’s Pelatologio. Learn more.

Greek software

A tool for organising your everyday business admin, created in order to suit the needs of a Greek business.


Make your own business invoices and retail receipts with your logo. Print, save to PDF or send them as attachments to your customer's email. The withholding tax (if any) and VAT calculation are done automatically.

Get the whole picture of your finances while keeping a record of income and expenses. With one click, you can see each customer’s balance as well as your pending finances with each of them. Create reports or save your earnings/expenses in an excel sheet.

Organise your warehouse and branches while invoicing each user from a specific warehouse. The application automatically manages the inventory for each product. It provides detailed statistics on sales and value for each product / service separately.

A calendar for offers and payment notices as well as all your and your team’s to-do list. Celebrations and holidays also appear automatically.

See detailed data and statistics for each of your customers separately. You can see all your payments between you and customers and suppliers. You also have access to a task list that you or a member of your team have to complete.

Create payment notifications or offers for your customers. Once your offer is accepted, you can turn it into an invoice or receipt just with one click. You will be notified automatically when the offer expiration date arrives.

You can record your and your team’s working hours and see how much time it takes you to fulfill a task. See detailed statistics on the time spent by each team member with each customer.

You have direct access to detailed statistics and financial data on the course of your business, money inflows and outflows. Thus, you know at all times which your liquidity status is. The application automatically calculates the VAT you have to pay and shows your balance.

If you have the Pro or Large plan your accountant can easily access your Oxygen Pelatologio. Only the information needed is visible and can be adjusted (such as your tax liabilities, VAT, income tax).

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Why e-Invoicing?

Papaki, committed to its goal of helping the digital transformation of businesses, strategically collaborates with Oxygen Pelatologio. The Oxygen Pelatologio team’s know-how and experience will make your business’ transition from paper to online, an easy and simple task.

Papaki and Pelatologio