Earn up to 15€ for every friend you refer!

Every time you refer a friend, both you and your friend earn money in Gold Coins, that you can use at Papaki!

How does it work:

  • Find the unique code or copy-paste the referral link, available inside your control panel.
  • Sent it to friends via email, twitter, facebook, or your website etc. The more you send, the more chances you have to earn Gold Coins!
  • Your friends buy services from Papaki through the link or by manually adding the unique code in the field "Discount/Refer Coupon", during their order.
  • Earn up to 15€ for every friend buying from Papaki and are automatically added to your account, in the form of Gold Coins.

Why Refer a Friend to Papaki?

1. Registration - free!
You just need to have a purchased service with Papaki, to access your referral link in your control panel.

2. Piece of cake!
Send the referral link to your friends and you are ready to start earning!

3. Earn money, unlimited potential!
Earn up to 15€ in Gold Coins, for every friend you refer. You can use this money for future renewals or purchases of services at Papaki, besides domain names.

Start making money

To begin with the Refer-a-Friend program and start earning money you need to:

a) Be a Papaki customer, thus having at least one paid service in your account.
b) Your friends must not have any services purchased from Papaki.

Refer a Friend Terms

What do you earn?

When a friend that you suggested to Papaki, purchases services, then you both earn money! This money is automatically transfered to your account, as Gold Coins (1€ = 100 Gold Coins) and can be used for new purchases or renewals of services at Papaki, besides domain names.

  • For purchases uo to 20€ you earn 5€ (500 Gold Coins)
  • For purchases of more than 20€ For purchases of more than 20€ you earn 15€. (1500 Gold Coins)

Learn more about Gold Coins and payout conditions, at the Gold Coins page >

Refer a Friend FAQ

Do I need to sign up for this service?

No! Every Papaki customer, that has at least one purchased service in his account, can use the referral link available inside the control panel.

How does "Refer a Friend" work?

The service does not use cookies. The referral link you send to your friends, includes a unique code. Clicking on the link, ths unique code is automatically added to your friend’s order, our system detects the order, and the Gold Coins are added to your account.

Alternatively, you can send directly the unique code, and your friends simply need to add it in the field "Discount/Refer Coupon" during their order.

How does Papaki detect corresponding purchases?

The referral link you send to your friends includes a unique code, that is automatically inserted to your friends orders. This code is corrsponding to you only, and Papaki can easily. and automatically detect all related orders.

How much money can I earn?

There is no limit to your earnings. The more you send you referral link, the more chances you have to increase your earnings.

With every purchase up to 20€, you and your friend earn 5€ (500 Gold Coins) each, and with every purchase of more than 20€ each earns 15€ (1500 Gold Coins) .

How can I use this money?

You earnings are automatically added to your account in Gold Coins, and 1€ = 100 Gold Coins. You can use Gold Coins after 90 days from the purchase date, for purchases or renewals of services, besides domain names.

You cannot have Gold Coins transfered to your bank account or converted into Papaki credits.

Why do I need to wait for 90 days to use my Gold Coins?

Papaki offers all customets a 90-day Money Back Guarantee with hosting and other services. We simply need to know that the account you refered has cleared this 30-day period, befrore we credit yoru account.

Can I refer an existing Papaki customer?

No. To be eligible to earn Gold Coins, you must refer a NEW customer

What does new customer mean?

New customer is a user that has never purchased services with Papaki. This means that if you already have an account at Papaki or you are a reseller, and you open a new one, that does not mean you are a new customer. Eg. If If we already have your billing information, that means you do not qualify as a new customer. For any questions please feel free to contat Support at [email protected]

What if a friend forgets to enter the unique code?

Please, make sure your friends click the link or manually enter the unique code. If they don’t, we are unable to add Gold Coins

Can I use the referral link to buy services for my self?

No. The goal of the refer a friend program is to introduce Papaki to friends that are not already clients. For existing clients there are discounts according to theit badge. Check the badge page.

Which are the differences between Refer a Friend and an Affiliate program?

The Refer a Friend program is a simple and fast way to earn at Papaki and you do not need to sign up as normally happens with an affiliate program. On the contrary, the Refer a Friend program is automatically activated & available to all existing Papaki customers via their control panel. Another difference is that for every refer you earn Gold Coins and not cash.

Finally, your friends need to purchase via the referral link/code that you send them, while most affiliate programs use cookies to track orders.

Are there banners that I can use;

Yes. You can use the banners found at "I love Papaki" page. On the right of each banner you can find the piece of code you need to insert to your website.

Important: You need to replace the link inside the code with your refferal link. eg. inside the piece of code below the link has been replaced with "myreferrallinkhere". Find that part and replace it with your referral link..

I love Papaki
I love Papaki
I love Papaki

In the same way you can select another design at the"I Love Papaki" page and insert your referral link.