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18 November 2015, by


The TLD’s are no longer some simple letters that follow your domain name. They have evolved so much that now they are part of the name, of your idea.

The extension .CO has several advantages: it’s short and easy to remember, it’s SEO friendly and global! There is something else, though, that made me love dotCO even more. With almost 2 million registered .CO, it is the TLD that expresses innovation and is connected to an incredibly organised community!

.CO for innovation

Lately, everyone is always mentioning ‘startups’. Really, how can a startup be defined? What is included in the term and what not? The answer is still in progress. I would suggest that the term ‘startup’ expresses more a lifestyle, a way of seeing things. It means start working on a really fresh idea that is designed to scale quickly. Startup is when you have the ability to foresee innovation and transform it into a need. Even if that means taking a big risk and shaking your comfort zone. Startup means standing with one foot on the future!

Anyway, the point is that a startup has to begin with a good website and an even better domain name! And the TLD you are looking for is a .CO.


.CO for community

Innovation and startups go hand in hand with a strong community of fans from all around the world. Being part of a similar community is necessary in order to be updated with the latest and hottest news. By registering a .CO extension you don’t only get a domain -automatically you obtain the right for free subscription in the dotCO membership program! When you join the club you enjoy great benefits such as promotion of your idea, VIP invitations to startup events and special deals and offers on services and products!


Why not register your .CO domain name right now and enjoy the membership benefits? Papaki is offering the .CO extension in ½ price: from 28€ to 14€/ year!
We would like to know about your new idea that came true with a .CO domain. Speak up, we would love to hear  from you!

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