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05 July 2016, by


Since you were little, you dreamt you were a member of some sort of secret club. In your wallet, you keep a few membership cards from various groups and associations and you are a member of your local tennis club. There are hundreds of clubs around everything and everywhere! All of them share something in common: the absolute domain name extension .CLUB which just turned two and is at its best!

Up to now, there have been more than 770.000 .CLUB domains sold and the number is constantly growing. It is the No1 new gTLD in use worldwide! There are plenty of ways that the extension can be used, since it is very adaptable but also “to the point”. Creativity and inspiration, innovation and variety: from companies to individuals, to musicians, celebrities and sports figures… everyone is in the .CLUB!

.CLUB in numbers

Take a look at the numbers that bring .CLUB to the top!


Why choose .CLUB?

Why do so many people join .CLUB? And why should you choose a similar extension?

  • It protects your brand. Do you have an association, an organisation or a group? Give a clear image of what it is about through your domain name and extension.
  • Easy to remember. It carries the same spelling and meaning throughout the world.
  • Super generic extension. Generic are the more ‘general’ TLDs those that can be used for various things. .CLUB is easily adaptable and gives meaning and value to any name to the left of the dot.

Another important reason…

.CLUB celebrated its second birthday with a great offer. Register now your .CLUB domain from Papaki with 2,99€/ year -instead of 12,05€. The offer is valid until 30.08.2016. Get in the club, make your website with WordPress and build up your community by sending emails from the ‘club’ email address that you will create!

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