5 ways to integrate new gTLDs in your marketing strategy

11 January 2019, by

Whether it’s an Instagram account or a website, you’ve done it! Your business idea is online and searchable to millions of potential customers and partners. This is a win, but you’re unsure about the next steps.

You’re not alone.

Most new businesses struggle with the next steps. However, these steps are crucial—what you do once your business is online can make or break your plans for success. There’s a lot of value that you can derive from your web address. A good domain name can go a long way in contributing to your brand’s overall positioning. If you have a website, then you must know about domain extensions and the massive opportunities for choice and selection (over 1200 domains to choose from) to better brand yourself.

But domain names aren’t restricted to your primary website. There are multiple ways your web address can serve you in your marketing strategy. This article lists five unique ways you can shake up your marketing strategy using just domain extensions and especially new gTLDs.

1. Create Specialised Web Pages

Do you have multiple product/service categories that can get special attention? Why not give them the attention they deserve with a domain extension? If you’re selling something, you can highlight your efforts with a .STORE domain. With a branded domain extension, you have the opportunity to brand and market the page to fit your specific needs.

Attending industry events or a trade fair? Perfect! Use your new domain name on your banner and business cards for an easy-to-remember URL that applicants can keep on top of mind.

For example, if you sell seeds online you can have a domain name such as www.seeds.store/flax.

2. Create Special Brand Campaign Pages/Website

Instead of doing campaigns the same old way, take it to the next level with a unique website using a fun and relevant new domain. Often companies get stagnant with their product launches. So, instead of doing the same old thing switch it up a bit with a full website takeover on a new domain. This gives you the chance to have fun with your digital marketing efforts and give your consumers something fresh to experience every time.

Let’s assume you are a tech startup that has recently released a new product or service. A domain name like www.productname.tech will definitely have a better impact than only having a dedicated page on your current website. It will also help with brand awareness and recall when you display this domain name on your digital and print ads and will be super cool to hear on the radio or on a podcast.

3. Share short, brandable links across platforms

Of course, you can go with a generic link shortening service such as Bit.ly and share that link on your social channels and might even achieve the number goals you are after, but what about all the branding opportunities that you missed? Customizing your short links is just another way for you to stand out from the competition and portray a professional and legitimate image.

Amazon and the New York Times are making the most of them, as is obvious from branded URLs that look like these: amzn.to/2MvuTt4 and nyti.ms/2MsdmCa.

Branded URLs are great for building credibility, getting more clicks and creating higher brand recall over time. To have your own branded short link, buy a meaningful domain name on a new domain extension and sign up on a platform that offers to create these branded short links.

For inspiration, check out Panda Express:

4. Incorporate new domains in social media marketing

If you’ve reached this point, then you’re probably convinced about the power of domain names in your marketing strategy. So, let’s make this better. Did you know your Instagram handle can actually be a new domain? And did you know this is a brilliant and one of the easiest ways to ensure your website is top of mind for your customers!

In fact, try it out! Let’s say you’re on a .TECH domain. Now instead of going with ‘BrandName’ handle, give ‘BrandName.Tech’ a try. This can help your customers visualize your domain, creates curiosity and interest and most important of all, it provides clean and effortless branding across channels by your digital marketing efforts with your social media marketing efforts.

5. Engage your internal team

To be able to build a strong brand, you need a team that has got your back at all times. Therefore, from time to time, to keep their morale up you have to keep them emotionally engaged. Use new domains to create an interactive platform for your team. Take advantage of domains such as .FUN and .SPACE to create a platform where you can share information about company activities, photos of events and parties, company-wide competitions, important information, etc. Use this platform as a better way to connect with your team.

For example, www.companyname.fun/christmas can be a domain where you share information about the Christmas party followed by the pictures of the party.

Wrapping Up

New domain extensions offer a brilliant opportunity to better brand your company and tell your customers a story. Moreover, new domains can help you find 2-3 words domain name that you want without compromising on the quality of the domain name. So, don’t wait much longer. Make the most of these domain extensions for your marketing strategy and build a memorable brand story.

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