3 reasons to say yes to multiple domains


12 February 2019, by

Your business needs a domain name to establish itself in the online space. Maybe you already know that. But did you know that this domain name can be more than just a web address? A good entrepreneur knows that every aspect of a business is a branding tool, even the domain name.

New businesses can do just fine with a single domain name but having multiple domain names for various verticals of your business can certainly benefit your overall marketing strategy. Having multiple domain names can provide sound marketing opportunities to engage your customers on various levels and create a memorable brand.

A domain name is one of the most versatile marketing tools. Depending on the marketing campaign that you’re running, you have the option to tailor your approach. For example, you can use a domain name to simply point to a page at your website if your budget is restricted. But if you want to take things a notch up, you can create a campaign-specific landing page or even develop a brand-new website.

Let’s discuss some more ways where you can use domain names for enriching your marketing strategy. Or, in other words, here are the three top reasons to say “yes” to multiple domains:

1.  They help you create highly targeted campaigns

Giving your marketing campaign idea its own unique identity on the Internet can help in better engaging your audience. A special event, giveaway, trade show, loyalty program or even a commercial are good examples where you can leverage from a unique domain name that directs the user to a landing page that is separate from your main website.

For example, if you are planning a launch campaign for your new night-cream, you can have a domain name such as www.[creamname].online. Your microsite can host information about the launch campaign, it can have an exclusive giveaway for your users to participate in.

This approach has many benefits. It allows you to:

  • Try creative ideas
  • Tailor content that’s specific to your target audience
  • Test different styles of messaging that are different from your main tone and feel
  • Track your campaign results with ease

2.  Specific products and services get their own identity!

Sometimes it makes sense to give your star products or services their own unique domain name. This web address could either take the users to the product’s own dedicated website or it could be redirected to the product page on the main website. Amazon did that with Kindle—the domain www.kindle.store redirects to Kindle’s product page on Amazon’s main website.

You can do it too.

For example, if you’re into real estate and want to advertise a particular premium property, you could register the street name such as www.[streetname].space as a domain name that directs users to a page that provides property details, videos, photos, etc.

3.  Multiple domains let you be more creative

Often marketers complain about the market being heavily saturated. But in the problem, lies opportunity—you have many options when it comes to creating a domain name that boosts your overall promotional efforts. Especially when it comes to user memorability and search.

For example, consider the following opportunities:

  1. Campaign slogan: www.keepmoving.fun
  2. Specific day: www.blackfridaysale.store
  3. Particular season or holiday: www.summerevents.online
  4. Location: www.bakery.space

For inspiration, you can take the help of name generators to find names that are cool and that stand-out for your marketing campaigns or for your websites. It’ll give you enough juice to brainstorm and find a name that adds value to your marketing objective and helps deliver a good ROI.

Wrapping up

Domain names are a wonderful tool to amp up your marketing campaigns. However, you do not need thousands of them to succeed in the competitive marketplace. With a good domain name strategy, you can use a few additional domain names to enhance your marketing campaigns, which would create more opportunities to grow your business and keep your existing customers engaged.




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