7 challenges that stop you from producing great content (Infographic)

30 September 2019, by

Useful content forms the foundation of your marketing.

The annual research conducted by Content Marketing Institute states that some of the most prominent organizations are using content marketing to drive sales and awareness. Some of them include Microsoft, John Deere, Cisco Systems, P&G, and more. Small business and one-person shops are also making the most of this marketing tactic.

Why? Because it works.

The top 3 benefits of content marketing are:

● Stronger customer loyalty
● Increased sales
● Cost savings

However, like every marketing tactic, content comes with its own set of challenges. With careful consideration and clarity on ultimate goals, combating these challenges gets easier. The infographic below highlights some of the content marketing challenges with their possible solutions.





The challenges of content marketing can sometimes seem overwhelming, but you can manage them with some planning and proactiveness. To get started, complete these simple tasks:

➔ Form a rough strategy with your team for how content marketing fits with your overall marketing plans.
➔ Get a clear understanding of your target audience and buyer persona.
➔ Determine what kind of content will best serve your target audience and then consistently create high-quality content for them.
➔ Be aggressive with your content promotion.
➔ Use content marketing at all stages of the buying cycle.
➔ Test, measure, improve, repeat.

Over a period of time, you will understand what efforts reap the sweetest fruits and will help your brand to succeed in the long-term.

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