What happened at Papaki’s yearly event?

25 February 2020, by

The best chance for the entire team to meet outside the office was found! We grabbed the opportunity with joy and took our corporate yearly event to the next level. It was definitely much more than a simple “New Year Celebration”. That day had everything, focusing on the motto “Imagine”! We learnt a lot as to what each department accomplished over the past year, as well as what the entire company has achieved. And we also found out where Papaki is heading from now on. We were inspired, played and got to know each other much better. Here you can read all about it, things that are interesting to you and find ideas for your own events. 

Getting ready

Preparations for the 2020 yearly event started right after 2019’s event was over! An internal group of action was set together and planned the event with the basic concept of “Imagine 2020”. The invitation we received featured a sense of mystery – referring to a mystery lunch. The gathering was set for a Sunday in late January at the Cultural and Conventional Center of Heraklion Crete (yes, this is where we are based). It was great that all the group members working remotely were able to join us, in flesh, from every part of the world (yes, we can work from wherever we want). At the same time, souvenirs for the team members that have been part of the company for 10 years now were ready, along with gifts for the lottery lucky ones!

The day has arrived!

Irene Papadaki, Head of Customer Service Quality

We gathered from early morning, had a cup of coffee and smiled at the small (practical) gift we found in our seats – Enartia tote bags with various inspirational quotes. We started out with presentations from the company’s founders, as well as each department’s manager. 


Together we imagine, envision and collaborate (and hug)!

We saw in depth what each team worked on over the past year, as much as their accomplishments. Announcements came pouring down like rain! Lots of plans and goals for the new decade, matters relevant to the internal structure of the company and especially innovative plans that have to do with our customers -with you- bringing fresh air into your online life! Papaki is launching a journey to a whole new universe: through new services and technologies, it is being transformed into a digital enabler. Here, you will now find all the solutions you need, so as to move forward and create in the digital world! You will learn more as time passes by, so stay tuned.

Focusing on imagination, we envisioned where we could reach through teamwork and collaboration. When every single one of us self-improves and searches for solutions, listens to feedback and learns from one’s mistakes then the team progresses, develops, never stops… Imagine that! “The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me” Ayn Rand said (along with our tote bags).

Partying at the Sailing Club

Papaki Team: wide smiles!

During our coffee break, two strangers were waiting for us at the exit. They invited us to a special party: it was the launch of the city’s sailing club, on the top floor of the venue. So, upon completing the presentations, and filled with inspiration for 2020, we headed for the venue. There was a check of invitations by the door. Then we went inside and enjoyed a welcome drink along with the beginning of the party. “Kalitsounia” band played funk and pop melodies lifting our spirits with their stage presence, and everything went smoothly till a scream was heard and the celebration stopped: the club’s owner had been murdered by strangers and police officer Bakas invited us to solve the mystery! 

The Detectives Within Us

Detectives in action

The Criminalistas team was behind this whole plotted scenario! Their associates mingled with us, giving out clues to reveal the crime! We asked the heroes of the story, we collaborated and had a laugh while discussing to unveil the mystery. 

Party time

Dance and joy on the dance floor!

Papaki’s HR department had prepared three spectacular gifts for the lottery winners of the evening, as well as souvenir medals for the team members that would celebrate their 10th anniversary within the company. The band played even more uplifting tunes and we went up on the dance floor, while some of us even got the microphone! The evening was completed with a warm and sweet feeling, always deriving from team power. 

The better we know each other, the better we work together and come  of the WOWest solutions for you. So figure out opportunities to meet with your team more frequently, imagining together and having lots of laughs. Find the time to reward your team members and the people working for your organisation. Try offering them ways and inspiration to create and self-improve. If you are not a company owner, check out our job openings and come join us in our team. 

So till next year… And do not forget to add your imagination in everything you do!

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