Google Ads: Why is it so important for your business?


10 December 2020, by

Online advertising has been incorporated in every business’ daily routine, even if the business industry may not be completely related to the online world. Apart from online shopping, an important factor is online searching in order to find a professional. And there, every business must have taken care of its presence. Google Ads is here to show the way!

A really helpful and reliable tool for online advertising is Google Ads. In short, it is Google’s project that allows a business to create online ads with appropriate keywords. That’s how it reaches as many potential customers as possible. Customers who are interested in the products or services that the business offers.

Google Ads helps your ad be seen by the right customers at the right moment! So you can imagine how much you can gain by using it. Let’s take a closer look at the service’s main advantages.

Google Ads advantages

# 1. Reach Google as a search engine

google reach

You may already know that Google maintains a huge market share among search engines, with 92% of users preferring it

This is why Google is the ideal space to target audience which is probably interested in your product or service. It is very likely that a user will search for something and your business should be the right answer to this search. If you have created a relevant ad, the result for your business will be even higher in the search results. Thus, it is very likely that the user will choose your business instead of a competitive one.

Given the volume of users and searches, this may sound like a drop in the ocean, but advertising on Google Ads combined with the right localisation and an SEO optimised website, can bring your business to the top search results!

# 2. Measure results easily with Google Ads

measuring results

Online advertising doesn’t only offer advantages offered in terms of sales, but also makes the measurement process really easy. That’s how you get a complete picture of your ads’ performance which is very difficult to do so in traditional media, such as print and television.

With Google Ads you have complete control over the ads you run. It allows you, for each ad, to measure impressions, clicks, percentage of clicks (click-through rate), average cost per click and more.

# 3. Flexibility in targeting

target audience

Another Google Ads’ notable feature is the flexibility it provides when choosing which audience to target. When setting up an ad campaign, it is important to set the keywords for which your business will appear. Depending on how popular the keywords you choose are (that means how often users search for them), they will have the corresponding cost. For example, if you have a physical shoe store in Kefalonia, the keyword “women’s shoes” would be quite expensive and would not actually serve you. As a term, it is probably searched in Google very often, and users from all over Greece may find your store but won’t be able to buy.

On the contrary, a keyword such as “women’s shoes kefalonia” will probably be cheaper and will target a more accurate search.

# 4. Quick results

quick results

As we have mentioned in previous articles, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an extremely important factor for your site. It can help you get a very good ranking in search results, at no cost. However, it definitely costs in time: on the one hand it requires constant engagement and improvements and on the other hand it gives the desired results after a while.

This is where Google Ads comes in to complement your effort, as paid advertising can easily get you to the top of the results, from the first hours!

However, no way should you neglect SEO! One thing that Google takes into account -even in ads- is how user-friendly a site is. If a user cannot navigate properly and find the expected answer, it will be recorded as a negative impression and a future ad may not perform that well. SEO and ads are interconnected and very important!

# 5. Building your brand awareness

brand awareness

Google Ads may be popular for providing paid ads, but it’s more than that. When you run an ad and your business appears in the first results, even if the users do not click your website, they still see you!

The title you have chosen for your page, the description, the product you offer -all these elements get impressed in the user’s mind, helping your brand become more recognisable.

This may result in an organic visit to your page by the same user, in the future.

# 6. Maximise the return on investment for your online advertising

maximise the return of investment

Google Ads promises that your investment will offer you the desired return, through the different bidding strategies it has created. You can choose whether you wish to bring traffic to your website, build brand awareness or focus on increasing sales and achieving your goals. 

Get started with Google Ads!

No matter how small or new your business is and no matter what your available budget is, there is one sure thing: Google Ads can help you achieve any goal you set, at any stage. You can start using it today, simply by creating a new account and following the video tutorials that will help you set up your first ads (also provided with Greek subtitles). 


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