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Happy People Online!


Our vision is to offer the best online solutions in the world! Through them, we want to empower the people so they become Happy People Online!


Our mission is to create a healthy working environment that inspires us to work and collaborate as a team. We do our best offering a great user experience, innovative services, and amazing customer support to make you feel a bit happier every day.


Throughout the years, a set of values arose from our group of people which express ourselves. They gradually became the main gate of our corporate culture and they constitute our heart: our daily life in the company, our actions in and out of it, and our personal courses as well are possessed by these values.

Self leadership

Our Team

Our team is like a big family! All of our team members are selected based on our corporate values.

We share our ideas and we contribute to the team with all our hearts, talents, forces and skills. At the same time, we learn to adapt and work as a team.

We support each other. We inspire each other.

We laugh a lot! We eat together! We share memories!


Anthoulaki Aggela

Co-founder / Head of HR & Culture

Anthoulakis Dimitris

Co-founder / CEO

Maounis Frank

Co-founder / Executive Chairman

Managers & Supervisors

Karapidaki Alexandra

Marketing Manager

Miliarakis Antonis


Papadaki Irene

Head of Customer Service & Corporate Accounts

Siouti Marianna

Product Manager

Chrisikos Efthimios

Financial Manager

Nikoloudakis Manolis

Developers Supervisor

Daily Heroes

Our History

The story of Papaki began in 2004 and it’s full of pleasant surprises, unexpected decisions, and variable changes. Papaki is part of the Enartia, the family brand of the company.

Papaki’s milestones

  • 2004

    Papaki was launched at Heraklion of Crete.

  • 2009

    Became No1 registrar for .GR and .EU domains in Greece and since then it is on top.

  • 2014

    Became the one and only ICANN accredited registrar in Greece.

  • 2015

    We are listed in the 5000 Inc. Europe 2015, which contains the top 5000 rapidly developing private enterprises of Europe

  • 2015

    We are distinguished with the award for Customer Service in the category “Small Business”, (we won the first place in Customer Service, nationwide) at the National Customer Support Awards.

  • 2016

    Οur everyday life at Papaki, makes us one of the Best Workplaces in Greece in the competition Great Place to Work


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