Account Cancellation

Before cancelling your account

We would like to ensure that we have made every possible effort to serve you properly. Before sending the form, we suggest that you contact our Customer Service Quality Manager at [email protected]. Our main purpose is to listen to your requests and constantly improve our services for your benefit.

Cancelling your account

Before submitting this form, make sure that you have saved all the details and emails of your account and that you have a backup of your files. We take no responsibility in case any data loss occurs, after the cancellation form has been sent out.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee to all our customers a full refund in the case that the cancellation form is sent within the first 90 days from the purchase date of the hosting services at Papaki. After that period, refunds are made according to the terms of use.

Personal Details
Bank Details
Further Information

The data that you share with Papaki are processed solely for the purpose of the cancellation of your Papaki account, according to the Terms of Use. Learn more on our Privacy Policy.

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