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Creating Video,Sound editing,Leaflet Design


Employee Count: 1
Establishment Year: 2010

I specialize in dynamic websites. I can meet a wide range of website and video needs, given my knowledge of Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cubase and Html, Css and WordPress. I’ve worked with many WordPress themes and advanced plugins like WooCommerce, WordPress Multilingual, Gravity Forms, WP All import, BuddyPress and S2 Member. For tasks that require coding, my associate is a programmer and he can code on a WordPress site (by coding a plugin or child theme), connect your site to your CRM, or develop an app.


Clients and Services


What will it cost me to cooperate with someone of the experts proposed by Papaki?

You have no financial burden from Papaki, as there is no financial or other gain from the Expert or the client. The cost of the service provided by any Expert, determined by him and Papaki assumes no liability for the price list.

How can I cooperate with any Expert proposed by Papaki?

If you wish to cooperate with any of the suggested Experts, or if you just need more information, you can find the contact info in each Expert’s dedicated page. You only have to click on the logo or the company name of the expert you are interested in.
Tip: If you prefer to cooperate with companies located near you, you can search by "location" in the list of experts.



Here are some tips that will make your communication with all professionals of the Internet easier. You will definitely find them interesting!


When contacting an Expert it would be useful to know in advance, what is the budget you want to spend on a specific project. This way you will not enter the discussion process, that eventually will not lead to a financial agreement.


Each project requires a certain time for its completion, which will be defined be the Expert you will cooperate with. Once you learn how long it will take, it would be useless to press for faster integration. However, if necessary, it would be useful to know if this time pressure will have an extra charge and if this time is realistic. And remember, miracles don't happen!

In Practice

Do not forget that you cooperate with a professional, that's why you should trust him. The Expert selected should guide you properly as to the applicability of the Project you have in your mind, in time you want and the budget you have.