Use the Free DNS service that Papaki provides, no matter where your domains are registered!

Why should I use Papaki’s Free DNS service?

Even if your domain name is registered with a different registrar, you can connect it with your website at Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Webnode etc. for free, using our Free DNS service. It only takes to steps:

Activate Papaki’s Free DNS service

Type your domain name in the field above, click “DNS Activation” and follow the activation steps.

Connect your domain name with the platform of your choice

Log into your Control Panel at Papaki, change the nameservers to and and choose the platform you want to connect your domain with.

DNS Records

DNS records are now easy and simple to create!

DNS Records with just 1 click!

We gathered for you all the necessary records in order to connect your domain name with the most popular platforms.

Connect your domain name with:

Website Builder







Simply click on the platform of your choice and then hit "Save". Everything else is done automatically!

DNS Εγγραφες

Add DNS Records manually

If you wish to add records manually, on the "Advanced" tab and you can create the DNS records you want.

You can create CNAME, A Records, TXT, MX and other records by filling in the respective fields.

Learn more information about the free DNS service at Papaki’s Knowledge Base.

DNS Εγγραφες


Full DNS Control Panel

Secure infrastructure (2 data centers)

Support for all TLDs

Support for all record types

Frequently Asked Questions

In Papaki’s Knowledge Base you can find instructions and useful information about the service activation.

There are no hidden fees or other requirements. Papaki’s DNS service is free for everyone.