Starter SSL

Encryption & protection for your personal, non-business website!


Activate the Let's Encrypt SSL

Log into Papaki and go to your hosting Plesk panel
Click the icon of Let's Encrypt
Type in your email and... that’s it! You are now secure!

Why Let's Encrypt?

Free Domain Validation*
Easy activation in 3 steps INSTRUCTIONS
Supported by the most known browsers
* Let's Encrypt is automatically renewed every 90 days. Valid for active, paid web hosting plans.

Is Let's Encrypt for you?

YES if you have...
A personal blog
A personal website/ portfolio
NO if...
A small-business website
You have an eShop/financial transactions
You keep sensitive personal data
You have a N.G.O website
You have a Public Sector website / a bank's website
You need a site seal for your website
You want a SSL money warranty

What does a SSL certificate offer?

Secure Connection

Encrypted connection through the browser used by the users of your site.

Security Indicators

Indication of secure visitors’ information with the appearance of a lock icon and https:// in the browser address bar.

Encrypted data transfer

Data encryption to prevent their interception by third parties without permission.

Do you have any questions?

A Let's Encrypt SSL can be activated by any, old or new paid web hosting plan owner at Papaki. It is not supported on free, web hosting plans. If you have a free plan, now it's the right time to upgrade!

It is a free-forever, open source solution for Domain Validation SSL. In Greece, Papaki is the first company that supports Let's Encrypt, following the steps of important companies and institutions around the world, such as Akamai, Cisco, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Facebook and Mozilla.

It is a free Domain Validation (DV) with an extremely easy installation through Papaki Control Panel. No validation emails are sent and no dedicated IP are required. It is auto renewable every 90 days and it’s trusted by all major browsers.

Each, unique, paid web hosting plan has the right to a free Let’s Encrypt SSL. As many plans as you have, the same number of SSLs you can activate. Only the free plans don’t get one.

You don't own a hosting plan from Papaki?