Managed WordPress Hosting

You still run your WordPress on a monolithic infrastructure?
Welcome to the world of Micro Services

Managed WordPress Plans

Created by people passionate about WordPress and Docker ❤


from 14 from 14
1400/month 7.500/month
  • 1 clustered WP site
  • 5GB SSD disk space
  • 10K visits/ month
  • 1 email account

90 days money back guarantee



from 25 from 79 from 229 from 25 from 79 from 229
2500/month 7900/month 22900/month 15.8300/month 49.1700/month 140.8300/month
  • SMALL Up to 3 sites
    30K visits
  • MEDIUM Up to 10 sites 100K visits
  • LARGE Up to 30 sites 500K visits
  • Up to 3 clustered WP sites
  • 10GB SSD disk space
  • 30K visits/ month
  • 5 email accounts/ site
  • Up to 10 clustered WP sites
  • 20GB SSD disk space
  • 100K visits/ month
  • 5 email accounts/ site
  • Up to 30 clustered WP sites
  • 30GB SSD disk space
  • 500K visits/ month
  • 5 email accounts/site

FREE with the yearly plan

  • SSL DV
  • CDN 30GB
  • Domain: .info or .me
  • SSL DV
  • CDN 100GB
  • Domain: .info or .me
  • SSL DV
  • CDN 500GB
  • Domain: .info or .me

90 days money back guarantee


from 69000/month 57500/month
  • Up to 150 clustered WP sites
  • Million visitors

Distributed in
Micro Services

Always available,
safe & fast

Backup on
Amazon S3

Automated update for
core, themes, plugins

Features of Managed WordPress


Your site has the maximum efficiency due to the specially shaped infrastructure, based in Docker.


Stay carefree! We protect your site 24/7 from any size or duration DDOS attack.

Expert Support

Our daily heroes are ready to help you and solve all your queries.

Wordpress Features

One-Click Restore

Restore immediately within seconds any Backup of your site with a single click.


Forget memos and that tone of passwords. You have available the safe single sign-on to all your sites through Papaki.

Free Migration

Each site transfer case is unique! We offer free migration of your site with each annual plan.

Devs Friendly Features

Daily S3 Backups

We keep daily Backups for your records and databases. Stored for maximum security at Amazon S3.

Instant staging

Experiment fearlessly with new plugins and themes to a temporary URL. See the final result without affecting the live site.

Centralized SFTPs

Get access to all your sites from a central SFTP account.

Log Files

You have access to all the log files of your site, to know always what's happening in the code and the infrastructure of your site.


Access and work easily with your MySQL database using phpMyadmin.

Do you start a campaign or is your site appeared on Reddit?

No problem! Double your resources
with 1 click FREE for 48 hours.

What we do differently!

We run Docker

We are excited about the benefits of microservices and Docker. That's why all our infrastructure is based on it!


We developed a caching technology that will elevate the content of your site, either it is static or dynamic.

Free SSL and CDN

Free SSL for better SEO and security, and free CDN for optimal response speed of your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plesk is hosted on a single server and suits someone that needs the cheapest solution. But if you are the kind of person that would like to focus on your ideas and not in managing infrastructure and updating plugins, concerned about security gaps in forgotten WordPress versions and other geeky stuff, then you need a Managed solution.

Well, don't worry about that. We never suspend WordPress sites for reaching limits. But this is probably a serious indication that your website is so successful that you need more resources and a bigger plan.

In order to transfer your site from another provider to Papaki, order the Managed WordPress plan that best fits your needs and then fill in the form you will find here: Click "Send" to send the filled form to Papaki’s Transfers department. Our team will make sure to transfer your website to Papaki’s reliable infrastructure safely and with no downtimes. Read our transfer policy.

Of course. For every WordPress installation there is a temporary URL but you can also, connect your website with your own domain or subdomain.

Be creative with WordPress!