What is  the McAfee Secure Certification?

The McAfee Secure Certification is awarded to a website after having successfully passed daily strict security network controls. The certification procedure consists of 6 steps. The first 3 steps concern the Dynamic Port Scanning, the Network Services Vulnerability Testing and the Web Application Vulnerability Testing. The 4th and 5th steps are notifications if and when security problems occur, and the administration of the repair of those errors. The outcome is to have a dynamically safe website.



McAfee Secure - How its works


What does McAfee Secure Certifications means for Papaki customers?

All websites, awarded the McAfee Secure logo follow state-of-the-art online security measures. The Papaki website, its web servers, routers and firewall are daily checked in order to ensure our customers are in a safe online environment.


Up until today, McAfee has completed more than 20 million website controls. More than 75.000 websites depend on daily McAfee controls for protection against hackers. The use of patent technology guarantees the best safety results regarding the search, identification, and administration of security issues. The Papaki website is daily checked by McAfee, in order to be certified that it functions according to the highest quality security measures.



McAfee Secure


In order to keep the McAfee certification, our website goes through more than 1.500 different daily checks, similar to the typical methods hackers use to hacka website. The results of those tests must show that the website has no security holes and that the admins correct all issues within 72 hours.


You can see the McAfee Secure logo on the Papaki homepage. In case there is a security problem, the logo does not appear.