Paysafecard για ασφαλείς αγορές

Choose PaySafecard to pay easily and fast, with cash, your online purchases at  Papaki!


Papaki now gives you the option to pay for domain name, eshop and web hosting services with PaySafecard.

16ψήφιος κωδικός PaySafeCard

PaySafecard is  a prepaid card for the Internet, of 10€, 25€, 50€ and 100€, which you can easily buy in one of the 300.000 points of sale, worldwide. You will receive your PaySafecard in printed form, with a 16-digit PIN code on it. 


Where can I buy it from?

PaySafecards are available in Greece, through places such as minimarkets, supermarkets, kiosks, gas stations and auto vending machines, 24/7. To find the nearest point of sale in your area check the official PaySafecard page.



How do I pay?

To pay with PaySafecard for domain names, eshop and web hosting services, when you get the 16-digit code in your hands:

1) Choose PaySafecard as a payment method, at the last step of the order procedure

2) Just insert the 16-digit code in the payment field, without mentioning personal information or bank account.


All set!


To pay for higher amounts, you can simply combine up to 10 different paysafecards in one purchase! Click at the option "Insert multiple PIN codes!". In the same way, you can use the remain credits of yours cards.

Paysafecard pin

PaySafe Apps for iPhone & Android cellphones!

You can locate the nearest PaySafecard points of sale through your phone, with one off the applications below.

PaySafe iPhone App         PaySafe Android App

      Visit iTunes>                                            Visit AndroLib>  




Fees or commissions for transactions with PaySafecard are charged entirely to the customer.