Pixida List

Pixida List

is an easy to use digital marketing tool which is addressed to the greek market. It will help you improve your business online presence while managing your listings and reviews in directories.

Getting started with Pixida List
Fill all the necessary information in your Pixida, such as your domain, your business’ address, keywords (i.e, restaurant, hair salon). You also fill in your competitors. It is addressed exclusively to the greek market.
You will immediately get a picture of your business in online listings while you will be able to respond to reviews that have been posted on Google my Business.
Update your business details through your Pixida List interface in one-click. Then, your details will be automatically updated in various listings!
Simple, right?
Do you want more?

If you wish to increase your business popularity online, not only through listings but also with SEO, ads and more, go for Pixida 360!

Frequently Asked Questions

Google My Business is Google’s very own online directory and it is therefore one of the most important directories to be visible in! It is a free and easy-to-use tool that enables businesses and organizations to increase their online visibility. By verifying and editing your business information, you can help customers find you while providing vital information about your business to them.

With the help of Pixida List, you can enhance the online reputation of your business, as the tool allows you to manage and monitor its reviews in many different directories at the same time, from one point.

You can also keep your business information up to date by publishing it with a single click on all directories. This way, your customers can be sure that the information they see is correct, something that will increase their trust in your brand.

Get started today with the Pixida List!